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  • Dorian Richardson


Happy Women’s Day to all my ladies. This is for the fearless and the fearful. Sassy and subdued. Whether you strut or stomp, you fill indispensable shoes. And even when you don’t mean to be, you’re the sweetest thing. Here’s to you.

Okay but how do you celebrate WOMEN? How do you care about Women’s Day? Take a second to think about why we would need a day set aside to honor these beautiful vessels of life in the first place. Social, cultural, economic and political achievements is the reason many will tell you. Yes, we have made strides. This is not to take away from the trail blazers but to highlight how far away we are from still appreciating The Woman.

I remember when I let a woman down once. I had a chance to be on her side. I could have been more than a listening ear. I should have acted as the beginning Domino to bring down the wrong and help make things right. Instead, I took what has become my usual approach. I made noise, I made a statement. But I did it sitting down, quietly, in the back of the room and I left her side. I did not immediately regret this decision, after all I was playing it safe, right? Not wanting to point fingers, too soon and unjustly. It took time, education and personal experience to realize what damage I did to THAT woman. I didn’t believe her.

I don’t need to mention the many men’s names who have been outed for sexual misconduct. Or allude to the entertainers who have spoke against the drastic difference in pay for doing the same job of a man. If I needed to do that then I probably could speak briefly on the countless cases of doctors who have dismissed vital symptoms, misdiagnosing millions of women and risking the advantage of early detection. I could. I should. Yet here I am living in the skin of a (black) woman and still I managed to help mute another one.

So, let’s celebrate The Woman! Want to know how? How about we believe them when they say “no”? If you want to honor women, the next time She tells you this hurts, or She deserves that, listen. Don’t question Her or water it down, support Her. Realize the importance of women.

Whether women are better than men I cannot say but I can say they are certainly no worse” – Golda Meir

Happy Women’s Day, Ladies