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  • Dorian Richardson

How Are You Teaching Your Body To Heal?

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

I think we have all been there at some point. You know, the constant, achy pain you have been trying to deal with for hours or even days."I've tried everything!" is what you say before you succumb and open the bottle of pain meds you have successfully avoided, until now. Hey! That's what they are there for, right? No one WANTS to walk around in pain so we tolerate what we can until we can't.

I spent six years in U.S. military where I was prescribed Ibuprofen for anything and everything. It was and has been an ongoing joke that it is considered a fix-it-all, multi-purpose band-aid and while the laughs may be louder from those that have dealt with the often lackluster military medicine practices, the entire country is dealing with a symptom based treatment crisis. Due to staff shortages, cost inflation and solution availability, it has become common to leave a doctor's office or medical treatment center with only your symptoms tended to. Sure, my backache is gone, but can you tell me what was causing it in the first place?

If it sounds like I'm condemning those in the professional medical and pharmaceutical fields, I can assure you I am not but one of my core purpose driven goals with Ess and Jay is to encourage alternative methods to not only treat but prevent symptoms. Diving deeper, observing consistent details in your mood, bowels, skin conditions and keeping track of the results may be the difference between health in later years and you developing additional problems as a result of the medicine and treatment you received decades before for unrelated issues.

Confused? Here is an example: After I gave birth to my twins, my body, like so many other women, changed drastically. My physical features morphed, my tolerance and taste for food and alcohol diminished and I saw extreme differences in my overall health. "I can't eat bread now?!" is what I shouted after documenting for a week that each time I consumed gluten in moderate to heavy portions my stomach would bloat and I would develop a rash somewhere on my body. After several, unsuccesful trips to the ER during what they called an allergic reaction to an unknown contributor, I was prescribed Dapsone for my skin and told to "watch what I eat". Well, that was the best advice I could have receieved because my diet was the number one problem.

Here at Ess and Jay, we only want to encourage everyone to follow their body's lead. Each person possesses an entire universe within. Every cell requiring a different rhythm than anothers. It's imperative to give the body a baseline, free of chemicals and drugs (legal or not) so that it may teach us how it needs to be healed. Many successful alternatives to conventional medicating exist and sometimes may even be a more affordable option. Start with stretching and hydration. Massage and chirporactic therapy can hold wonders and often kickstart your body back into a natural flow. Take vitamins, laugh, cry, run, rock, try everything before you settle for popping a pill just to alleviate the symptom. As always, find the reason.

For more discussion on diet and what it means in 2019, check out episode 3 of my podcast, I Just Woke Up, available on all major podcast streaming networks! Link below:

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