Oops! I spilled wax on my carpet, now what!?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Maybe you were running to catch the phone and knocked the corner of the table, sending your burning candle tumbling to the floor. Or you could have just been blowing a candle out, innocent enough but still splashing hot wax on the surface beneath your candle. However you've managed to do it, I'm going to spend a few minutes giving you the tea on how to remove that scented stain.

I was finishing up a re-purpose project when my kid came crashing into the room, startling me and sending at least 4 ounces of royal blue wax into my camel colored carpet. I stood there stunned, at not only the mess I had just made but that this was my first time making it. Hot wax on the carpet that was drying by the second. I went into panic mode thinking about what my husbands reaction to the fiasco would be. Quickly I grabbed my phone and began to Google "how to remove hot wax from carpet" and skimmed through a number of results before heading over to Pinterest.

I won't torture you by going through each method I uncovered but I will tell you that tried and true, the following steps will reign victory over your wax woes..

You're going to need:

A towel, something old, it will not be usable after. Should be white or pale in color.

An iron. In extreme cases a hair dryer may work

First, let your wax harden. You want it solidified as much as possible so it will be easier to get up.

Next, grab a towel. It's best if it's damp.

Lay the towel on top of a portion of the spill. Begin to iron directly over the spot with the setting placed high. The heat will draw the wax out of the carpet and transfer it to the towel. Hold for about 30 seconds.

Once you see the wax appearing, move to a clean part of the towel. Moisten towel or swap with a fresh one if necessary until wax is up.

That's it, folks! Pretty quick and easy, right!? So don't fret the next time your Ess and Jay candle goes flying, we've got something to fix that too!

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